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Relationship Between Echolocation Calls and Age in the Bat Species of Rhinolophus pearsoni
作者 CHEN Min FENG Jiang LIU Ying ZHANG Xi-chen LI Zhen-xin ZHOU Jiang ZHANG Shu-yi
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 25, No. 1, 2004 时间 
摘要  Five adult and two young female bats ofRhinolophuspearsoni were captured in Mingu town,Zhenfeng County of Guizhou Province.Their echolocation calls were received with ultrasound detector(D980,ULTRASOUND DETECTOR),read out at one-tenth of the original speed,and then recorded to comput ...[查看全部]
Protein Recovery, Separation and Purification. Selection of Optimal Techniques Using an Expert Syste
作者 Eduardo W Leser & Juan A Asenjo
期刊 Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 卷期 Vol. 89, No. 1, 1994 时间 2009.12.15
摘要  The paper discusses the utilization of new techniques to select processes for protein recovery, separation and purification. It describes a rational approach that uses fundamental databases of protein molecules to simplify the complex problem of choosing high resolution separation me ...[查看全部]
Variations in Songs of Brownish-flanked Bush-Warblers (Cettia fortipes ) Within a Single Habitat
作者 JIANG Shi-ren, CHEN Shui-hua
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 27, No. 5, 2006 时间 
摘要  Many studies have indicated that there are geographic or even microgeographic variations in songs of a single bird species. We investigated whether it is possible for song variations to exist in one species within a single habitat. From March to June in 2005, the songs of Brownish-fl ...[查看全部]
Evaluation of root structure loss using AutoCAD assisted histomorphometry
作者 Samir, Prohic
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 7, No. 26, 2008 时间 2009.12.01
摘要  Aims:The quantitative measurement and characterization of microscopical images using a computer is histomorphometry. The purpose of this experimental research is to evaluate the validity of two methods of histomorphometry of root structure loss measuring antiresorptive efficacy of to ...[查看全部]
Sex-trafficking, Violence, Negotiating Skill, and HIV Infection in Brothel-based Sex Workers of East
作者 Sarkar, Kamalesh;Bal, Baishali;Mukherjee, Rita;Chakraborty, Sekhar;Saha, Suman;Ghosh, Arundhuti & Parsons, Scott
期刊 The Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition 卷期 Vol. 26, No. 2, 2008 时间 2004.04.20
摘要  A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted among brothel-based sex workers of West Bengal, eastern India, to understand sex-trafficking, violence, negotiating skills, and HIV infection in them. In total, 580 sex workers from brothels of four districts participated in the s ...[查看全部]
Geographic Information System and Their Application in the Study of Animal Spatial Behavior
作者 LIU Qiang, YANG Xiao-jun, ZHU Jian-guo
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 28, No. 1, 2007 时间 2001.06.20
摘要  Spatial attributes are an important characteristic of animal behavior. They are also a difficult subject for researchers, as the study methods, techniques and equipment required to study them have been limited in past years. With the rapid development of their technique and function ...[查看全部]
Application of Differential Equation to the Evolution of Two Groups
作者 Xu, Hui-jun;Li, Jun-rui & Li, Hai-peng
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 30, No. 1, 2009 时间 2006.10.20
摘要  In order to explain the process of biological evolution based on some conditions, the differential equation deduced from directional selection describes the evolutionary process of two populations (species) which share the same resource without amalgamation. Although it is generally ...[查看全部]
Reflections About the Fourth National Congress of Biotechnology in Chile
作者 Meza-Basso, Luis
期刊 Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 卷期 1 时间 
摘要  Several forums and scientific meetings have devoted a prominent bench to biotechnology in the last few years. This can be explained, not only by its influence over the way of looking at fundamental problems in biological sciences, but moreover by its multidisciplinary nature, integra ...[查看全部]
Genetic and metabolic engineering
作者 Yang, Yea-Tyng;Bennett, George N. & San, Ka-Yiu
期刊 Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 卷期 Vol. 1, No. 3, 1998 时间 
摘要  Recent advances in molecular biology techniques, analytical methods and mathematical tools have led to a growing interest in using metabolic engineering to redirect metabolic fluxes for industrial and medical purposes. Metabolic engineering is referred to as the directed improvement ...[查看全部]
Feasible biotechnological and bioremediation strategies for serpentine soils and mine spoils
作者 Prasad, Majeti Narasimha Vara & Freitas, Helena Maria de Oliveira
期刊 Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 卷期 Vol. 2, No. 1, 1999 时间 
摘要  Reclamation of metalliferous areas is a priority field of biogeochemistry of trace elements. Ultramafic outcrops rich in heavy metals have been mapped in different parts of the world. Heavy metals are potentially cytotoxic, caricinogenic and mutagenic. Environment protection agencies ...[查看全部]
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