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Flush Distance: Bird Tolerance to Human Intrusion in Hangzhou
作者 WANG Yan-ping CHEN Shui-hua DING Ping
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 25, No. 3, 2004 时间 
摘要  Flush distance, how close one can get to a bird before it flushes, reflects the adaptation of birds to human intrusion.A larger flush distance indicates a lower adaptation to human intrusion.To examine the patterns of the adaptation of birds to human intrusion and its influencing fac ...[查看全部]
Phylogenetic Relationships of Megophryid Genera (Anura:Megophryidae) Based on Partial Sequences of M
作者 ZHENG Yu-chi MO Bang-hui LIU Zhi-jun ZENG Xiao-mao
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 25, No. 3, 2004 时间 
摘要  Phylogenetic relationships of 8 genera of Megophryidae (Anura) were discussed based on 25 partial sequences of mitochondrial 16 S rRNA gene.Maximum likelihood,maximum parsimony,and neighbor joining analyses were performed on the dataset.The ingroup was divided into two major clades,C ...[查看全部]
Comparison of embryo development in sibling oocytes cultured in two different sequential media
作者 Necati Findikli,Semra Kahraman, Ersan Donmez, Semra Sertyel, Sureyya Melil,Moncef Benkhalifa,
期刊 Middle East Fertility Society Journal 卷期 Vol. 9, No. 2, 2004 时间 
摘要  Objective:To compare the efficiency of two different sequential media for the cultivation of sibling embryos until the blastocyst stage. Design:A prospective analysis was conducted on 113 ART cycles with the indication of severe male factor infertility in Istanbul Memorial Hospital A ...[查看全部]
Electrosonographic evaluation in patients with temporomandibular disorders, treated by interocclusal
作者 Landulpho, Alexandre Brait;Buarque e Silva, Wilkens Aurélio;Andrade e Silva, Frederico;Casselli, Henrique & Buarque e Silva, Lígia Luzia
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 3, No. 11, 2004 时间 
摘要  The purpose of this study was to evaluate, through computerized electrosonography, the effectiveness of interocclusal appliance therapy, used by patients with temporomandibular disorders. Twenty two patients, male and female, ages between 18 and 53 years old, with temporomandibular d ...[查看全部]
Evaluation of marginal adaptation of ceramic crowns depending on the marginal design and the additio
作者 Hilgert, Edson;Buso, Leonardo;Neisser, Maximiliano Piero & Bottino, Marco Antonio
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 3, No. 11, 2004 时间 
摘要  This study evaluates the marginal adaptation of ceramic copings front of two finish lines and addition of ceramic. Hence, two master steel dies were milled with all-ceramic crowns preparation, one with a round shoulder finish line margin design, and the other with a deep chamfer. Fro ...[查看全部]
Behaviors and Characteristics of Occupying Territorial Song of Spotted Dove (Streptopelia chinensis
作者 ZHOU You-bing ZHANG Jing-xia LI Hong ZHANG Jun HU Jin-chu
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 25, No. 2, 2004 时间 2000.10.20
摘要  Behaviors and characteristics of the occupying territorial song of spotted dove (Streptopeliachinensis ) were studied during the breeding season in Nanchong,Sichuan from April to June,2003.The data were collected by observation and recording in the wild.The records were processed wit ...[查看全部]
Electromyographic study of patients with masticatory muscles disorders, physiotherapeutic treatment
作者 Daniela A. Biasotto-Gonzalez & Fausto Bérzin
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 3, No. 10, 2005 时间 2010.01.26
摘要  The temporomandibular joint disorder is characterized by pain and tenderness in the temporomandibular joint and in the masticatory muscles. Muscle hyperactivity can be of significant characteristic in subjects with Temporomandibular Disorders, which can be associated with pain and mu ...[查看全部]
Specific protease mutation patterns are associated with oropharyngeal candidiasis in a New Orleans p
作者 Peter J. Hickman1 Robertino M. Mera;Janet E. Leigh;Paul L. Fidel Jr.;Allen R. Mock;William R. Gallaher & Ronald B. Luftig
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 3, No. 9, 2004 时间 2010.01.28
摘要  HIV-1 protease gene sequences were obtained from peripheral blood, saliva or oral tissues of 35 HIV+ patients using nested amplification and manual sequencing of PCR products. Of the 35 HIV+ patients 9 had clinical oropharyngeal candidiasis (OPC) while 26 did not, and only 4 patients ...[查看全部]
DEBATE- Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: are preventive measures effective?
作者 Basil C. Tarlatzis, Leonidas Zepiridis ,Grigoris Grimbizis
期刊 Middle East Fertility Society Journal 卷期 Vol. 9, No. 2, 2004 时间 
摘要  Infertility treatment has been changed dramatically over the last decades with the introduction of the new assisted reproduction techniques (ART). Ovarian stimulation, either to induce ovulation in the management of anovulatory infertility or for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation i ...[查看全部]
The effect of intramural fibroids on the outcome of IVF
作者 Mona M. Aboulghar,Hesham G. Al-Inany,Mohamed A. Aboulghar,Gamal I. Serour, Ragaa T. Mansour
期刊 Middle East Fertility Society Journal 卷期 Vol. 9, No. 3, 2004 时间 2010.01.26
摘要  Objective:To evaluate the effect of fibroids on outcome of IVF and study value of myomectomy prior to IVF. Design: Prospective controlled study. Setting:Private IVF center, The Egyptian IVF ET Center, Maadi, Cairo. Materials and methods:One hundred and eighty four patients were inclu ...[查看全部]
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