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Symptomatology of the temporomandibular dysfunction related to parafunctional habits in children
作者 Juliana P. Tosato & Daniela Ap. Biasotto-Gonzalez
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 4, No. 14, 2005 时间 2008.01.10
摘要  The study focused on verifying the prevalence of Temporomandibular Dysfunction in children, correlating it to their parafunctional habits. A questionnaire was utilized, which was answered by the mothers of 90 children aging three to seven years old (49 girls and 41 boys). The questio ...[查看全部]
Age-related Morphological Changes in the White Matter of Cat Lumbar Spinal Cord
作者 ZHU Zai-man, ZHANG Chang-zheng, LUO Xun, SUN Qing-yan, MEI Bin, HUA Tian-miao
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 26, No. 5, 2005 时间 2010.01.28
摘要  In order to investigate age-related morphological changes in the white matter of the lumbar spinal cord in young adult and old cats, several techniques were used. (1) Immunostaining of neurofilaments (NF) was used to identify nerve fibres; (2) modified Holzer crystal violet to show a ...[查看全部]
Analysis of the involvement ofbioethics in the professional activity oftwo institutions in Bauru, S
作者 Patrícia Garcia De Moura;Sílvia Helena De Carvalho Sales Peres;Renata De Almeida Pernambuco & Arsenio Sales Peres
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 4, No. 13, 2005 时间 
摘要  This study quantified study projects involving human beings analyzed by the Research Ethics Committees (RECs) of University of São Paulo at Bauru, comprising the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies and Bauru Dental School. The projects were analyzed by retrospective ...[查看全部]
Diversity of Migratory Birds During Autumn Nights in Fenghuang Mountains, Nanjian County, Yunnan Pro
作者 HUANG Shi-lin, HANG Lian-xian, GAO Su-zhen, LUO Zeng-yang
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 27, No. 2, 2006 时间 2009.11.30
摘要  The diversity of night migratory birds was studied in Fenghuang Mountains, Nanjian County, Yunnan Province from 16th September to 28th November 2002, from 6th to 26th April and from 9th September to 26th November 2003. 6677 of 176 species, which belong to 29 families, 13 orders, were ...[查看全部]
Forensic anthropology and molecular biology: independent or complementary sciences in forensic denti
作者 da Silva, Ricardo Henrique Alves & de Oliveira, Rogério Nogueira
期刊 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences 卷期 Vol. 7, No. 25, 2008 时间 2009.11.30
摘要  Human identification is currently one of the most outstanding areas of Forensic Sciences. Forensic anthropology is a branch of the Forensic Sciences concerned with the application of general anthropological knowledge and methods to the process of law.Postmortemhuman identification is ...[查看全部]
Social and Logistical Barriers to the Use of Reversible Contraception among Women in a Rural Indian
作者 Hall, Mary Ann Kirkconnell;Stephenson, Rob B. & Juvekar, Sanjay
期刊 The Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition 卷期 Vol. 26, No. 2, 2008 时间 2009.11.30
摘要  Women in a small coastal village in western India were asked to explain their preference for female sterilization over modern reversible contraceptive methods. Married women aged 19+ years were interviewed in six focus groups (n=60) and individually (n=15) regarding contraceptive met ...[查看全部]
Control of Schistosomiasis Transmission
作者 Luiz C De S Dias;Oswaldo Marcal Jr & Carmem M Glasser
期刊 Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 卷期 Vol. 90, No. 2, 1995 时间 2009.12.01
摘要  Despite the sucess of control programmes, schistosomiasis is still a serious public health problem in the world. More than 70 countries where 200 million individuals are evaluated to be infected of a total 600 million at risk. Though there have been important local sucess in the co ...[查看全部]
Age and Sex-related Dendritic Changes in the Visual Cortex of the Rat
作者 XU, Ye-hua;WANG, Hao;CHEN, Qin & ZHOU, Yi-feng
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 28, No. 3, 2007 时间 
摘要  Visual functions undergo an age-related degradation. However, the neural mechanisms underlying these changes are not yet clear. This study was designed to investigate the influence of age and sex on the anatomy of the rat's visual cortex. Dendritic tree extent and spine density were ...[查看全部]
Satellite Tracking on the Migratory Routes of Wintering Black-necked Cranes at Dashanbao in Yunnan
作者 GAO, Li-bo;QIAN, Fa-wen;YANG, Xiao-jun;WU, He-qi & LI, Feng-shan
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 28, No. 4, 2007 时间 2000.10.20
摘要  Platform Transmitter Terminals (PTTs) were fitted onto four Black-necked Cranes (Grusnigricollis ) at Dashanbao National Nature Reserve in northeast Yunnan Province on 26 February and 1 March, 2005, to study their migratory routes and stopover sites. Of the four birds, two successful ...[查看全部]
Geographic Information System and Their Application in the Study of Animal Spatial Behavior
作者 LIU Qiang, YANG Xiao-jun, ZHU Jian-guo
期刊 Zoological Research 卷期 Vol. 28, No. 1, 2007 时间 2001.06.20
摘要  Spatial attributes are an important characteristic of animal behavior. They are also a difficult subject for researchers, as the study methods, techniques and equipment required to study them have been limited in past years. With the rapid development of their technique and function ...[查看全部]
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